HR 300P - Exploded view

In the table below, all the GT Part Number are available to order at our distributor's.

The GT Part Numbers with a link offer the exploded view of the part or the kit (it opens in a new tab of your navigator)


GT Part Number


1 GT87022 Gear Box
2 GT35073 Gear Z45
3 GT35040 Gear Z9
4 GT37708 Tube
5 GT12477 Wheel Shaft
6 GT42307 Clip 13x1
7-C GT79331-C Control Kit (from 09/2015)
7-A GT79331-A Control Kit (up to 08/2015)
8 GT86021 Engine Pulley
9 GT43584 Screw M8x20 left thread
10 GT79135 Transmission pulley


To order the transmission, a spare part of it or a kit, please note down the GT Part Number and follow the link below :